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Lantana - Flat

Lantana - Flat

$105.00 Regular Price
$94.50Sale Price

Lantana (Lucky Series) is a true summer powerhouse of a bloomer.  It works well as a landscape plant and in containers, hanging baskets and windowboxes.  Available in multiple colors, the red ranges from a dark cherry red with a bit of orange and yellow; the rose and pink varieties also include a bit orange and yellow; and lastly, a pure deep yellow is offered.


Lantana grows 24-36" high and 15-18" wide.  Plants bloom spring to frost.


Plants like full sun in average to dry, well drained soil.  Recommended spacing is 15".


4.5" square pot, in a flat of 15 pots.  Please note that actual colors of plants may vary; photos are approximate representations.

  • Plants Sold In Increments of 3

    To simplify handling of orders, all plants are sold in increments of 3.  Each plant is $5; thus three plants are $15.  (This compares to a price of at least $7 per plant at local garden centers.)

    A flat contains 15 plants.  When a full flat is purchased of the exact same plant, customers receive a 10% discount.  For flats, if you order Quantity 1, you will receive 15 plants.  If you order Quantity 2, you will receive 30 plants, etc.

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