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Geranium - Zonal - 10" HB

Geranium - Zonal - 10" HB


Let us suprise you with a hanging basket (HB) of zonal geranium in assorted colors, which will make a delightful addition to your front door, porch or terrace.  Color combinations include either blue/lavender, pink, red or white.  Please note that the colors of plants you receive cannot be predetermined.


Plants fare best in part to full sun in average to dry, well drained soil.


10" hanging basket.  Please note that actual colors of plants may vary; photos are approximate representations.  Enjoy your beautiful surprise!

  • Plants Sold In Increments of 3

    To simplify handling of orders, all plants are sold in increments of 3.  Each plant is $5; thus three plants are $15.  (This compares to a price of at least $7 per plant at local garden centers.)

    A flat contains 15 plants.  When a full flat is purchased of the exact same plant, customers receive a 10% discount.  For flats, if you order Quantity 1, you will receive 15 plants.  If you order Quantity 2, you will receive 30 plants, etc.

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